These homes are amazing quality and very affordable.  Feels like home went above and beyond in helping us with each step!

My favorite part was visiting with this beautiful family and feeling like a friend rather than just another buyer.  Feel’s like home got us taken care of in such a timely matter we could not have had such an amazing home if it weren’t for them!


Purchasing a house can be very stressful and Dalin and Hannah made it very stress free.  The price was cheaper than anything we looked at in Billings.  Thanks for helping us get into our dream home for a price we could afford.


Have you ever dreamed of your perfect house and never thought you could afford it or make the dream a reality?!?

The process of building a modular was fast and exciting! Dalin and Hannah were there every step of the way. Using their expertise to make the whole process Seamless. You won’t ever regret working with Hannah and Dalin.